Congressional Art Competition

Marissa's Painting

My students have been working for the past two weeks on art work for the Congressional Art Competition. The theme of the contest this year is “Honoring America’s Brave Military Men and Women”.  I gave the students nine full days to work on this project and also several weekends.

I will deliver the art work to the office of U. S. Representative Bill Flores in Bryan, Texas. The work will be judged and the winning high school student work will hang in the Capitol for an entire year. I know there will be an incredible amount of competition for the honor of hanging in the Capitol.

I thought that some of you might enjoy seeing some of the art work my students created. So here are a few pieces:


Austin's Drawing

Aubrey's Drawing

Kimberlie's Painting

David's Honor


Leece's Painting

Tamierra's drawing

Tamierra's Drawing

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5 Responses to Congressional Art Competition

  1. Martha says:

    Very talented kids! We wish them all the best!!

  2. Delivered the art work to Congressman
    Bill Flores’ office. I have my fingers crossed.

  3. Michelle says:

    Wonderful job by all the students. I am so impressed!

  4. NROHSNER says:

    Great Art Work!…I think they are so lucky to have a Great Art Teacher!!! Best of Luck to all the students!

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