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March 2019
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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. Pablo Picasso at

Creating Abstract Watercolors in the Snow

Since living in Central Oregon I have gotten to experience snow. We don’t get much snow where I am from so any accumulation brings out the kid in me. I have had a lot of fun this winter playing in the snow. One day I decided to do a little experiment with snow and watercolor. […]

Grading Art Work and Creativity

Okay all you art teachers out there, here’s a question for you. How do you grade art work created by your students? I would certainly like to receive input from art teachers. I would like to find out what you do in your classroom as well as hear your opinions. It helps to have people share […]

An Art Room Scavenger Hunt

If you are an art teacher, how do your students become familiar with the classroom, find classroom supplies, and understand classroom procedures? The first few days of school it is important to let your students know what is expected of them as well as let them know how to get around the room and find […]

Creativity and Essential Oils

I am very interested in learning about essential oils. My daughter uses essential oils in her home quite often for various purposes. These purposes range from helping an upset stomach, disinfecting a counter top, enhancing a person’s mood, and even keeping bugs away.  Essential oils have many uses. Smelling essential oils can trigger your brain to feel more relaxed or more energized. […]

Summer Reading – Colored Pencil

I love to read. Teaching does not give me much spare time to read, so I usually devour as many books as I possibly can during the summer. I read novels, non-fiction, self-help books, health and diet books as well as “how to” art books; just to name a few. I recently finished a book that I discovered […]