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March 2019
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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. Pablo Picasso at

Another Abstract Painting

At the end of the school year I wanted to do something that was worthwhile and also fun. I decided that I wanted to give my students the chance to just play with putting watercolor on paper. I gave each student a pretty large sheet of watercolor paper. It was about an 18″ by 25″. […]

Congressional Art Competition

My students have been working for the past two weeks on art work for the Congressional Art Competition. The theme of the contest this year is “Honoring America’s Brave Military Men and Women”.  I gave the students nine full days to work on this project and also several weekends. I will deliver the art work […]

Creating Using Pointillism

Georges Pierre Seurat’s work has been a source of inspiration for my Art I classes. I created a power point showing his work and gave a general definition of pointillism. The students were then given an assignment to create a watercolor painting of a flower or butterfly using this technique. I chose flowers and butterflies […]

Summer Reading – Colored Pencil

I love to read. Teaching does not give me much spare time to read, so I usually devour as many books as I possibly can during the summer. I read novels, non-fiction, self-help books, health and diet books as well as “how to” art books; just to name a few. I recently finished a book that I discovered […]

Creativity Devotional – Going Somewhere?

A painted picture is like a vehicle. One can either sit in the driveway and take it apart or one can get in it and go somewhere. ~Mark Tansey, painter Thoughts: I enjoyed Mark Tansey’s quote because it made me think about how I react to art. Sometimes when I look at a piece of artwork […]