Bored? You Can Learn How to Do Anything if You Can Read.

Nothing boring about this paint job!

Nothing boring about this paint job!

Do you ever get bored? Boredom seems to be a classic problem with students. Kids are so over-stimulated, they don’t know what to do when they have down time. I have heard many students say that they are bored with their classwork or their life at home.

Even adults get bored sometimes. Boredom has never been one of my problems.  I can always find something I am interested in to get me excited, whether it is gardening, cooking, sketching, writing, making jewelry, reading, doing a puzzle, painting, learning a new language, etc.

I will admit that I get bored with television.  It is amazing how you can have 350 channels and not one good thing to watch. That is really sad. I want my mind to be challenged.  That must be why Lost is my favorite television show. You can’t get bored with it because you are constantly trying to figure things out.  I think the writers for the show are creative geniuses.

Anyway, what do you do if you are bored? Give yourself a challenge. Have you ever played Sudoku?  It is addicting. Why? Because your brain likes a challenge. So, give yourself a challenge. Teach yourself something new today.

You can learn how to do anything if you can read. So, if you are bored get a book from your local library and learn about something new. Learn how to play the guitar, quilt, knit, paint, draw, speak Spanish, make a movie, etc. Challenge yourself and have fun!  Learning something new will strengthen your creativity.

(A friend emailed this to me the other day.)

Random thoughts just for fun:

The statement below is true.
The statement above is false.

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  1. Lara says:

    Recently I have outlawed television until after dinner at my house. I asked each child independently what they were interested in doing or learning. Their answers were not really surprising. Art was a constant, though. I made sure that they had plenty of supplies. Thanks for your list, by the way. They have amazed me and themselves with the drawings they have done. They are all reading much more, too. My oldest has already finished two books for our upcoming school year. They are also playing with and/or reading to their baby brothers. It amazes me the difference in the children. We are much happier being made to be creative than vegging out in front of the television to be entertained.
    .-= Lara´s last blog ..Answered Prayers =-.

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