Being Creative With Words

Wordle: My Creativity Blog

I found a website that will randomly generate “word clouds”.  The site is  You are given several ways to generate these interesting images. I had fun playing on the site.

I created a “word cloud” by giving Wordle the address of My Creativity Blog. The image above is the one I chose after generating a dozen or more. I saved it on their public gallery so I could show it to you.

Click on the image in order to see a larger version of the word cloud. Saving is not a requirement.  Printing the images is an option also.

So, go to this site and play around with it. Homeschool parents could us the site to give their child a more interesting spelling list, or a visual aide for all the states in the United States.  You could also make it a list of all the people in your family. There are many uses for “word clouds”. Use your imagination and have fun being creative with words. 


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