Being Creative Out of Necessity

Sometimes your creativity comes out of necessity. You have a need.  You have limited supplies and access to supplies. You brainstorm trying to find a solution.  Then you make do with what you have.

On a camping trip to the coast of Washington part of our group needed to get a canoe from the camp area to a small stream a few blocks away.  Canoes are pretty heavy. Instead of carrying the canoe the whole way, the campers looked around the campground to see what could be used to help get the canoe where it was needed.

Creativity kicked in and a makeshift canoe dolly was born.

We had small children in the group and some of their toys. One toy in particular came in handy. A tricycle strapped to the end of the canoe made a very simple gadget for moving the canoe.  The design was simple and only had one problem. It was a little unbalanced. Therefore, someone had to make sure the canoe did not tip over.

The dolly did the job. In a few minutes the canoe was on its way down the street.

The kids didn’t seem to mind that Daddy borrowed their tricycle.  The kids loved it. They got to go for a canoe ride and later a ride on the tricycle.  Here is a short 1 minute video showing you some clips from the project.

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