Being Creative During Spring Break

Cypress Tree Reflections

Cypress Tree Reflections

Spring Break is always a welcome time after teaching all year. I usually have so much that I want to do or accomplish. There is never enough time, especially with only a week. I desire spending time outdoors getting some exercise, reading, and doing something creative. This spring break we took a short trip to Concan, Texas. We went to the Lost Maples State Natural Area and spent a day hiking. We drove the Three Sisters, a loop of three county roads that take you through some pretty scenery. We spent time on the Frio River hiking with our dog, Molly. I got to read, hike and take a lot of photograph of some beautiful scenery and wildlife. Wow! They have a lot of deer out there in West Texas.

Frio River Tree

Another Cypress Reflection

The photography was my creative outlet. You may think that isn’t very creative, but it is a start. It is a beginning. Sometimes we just have to be satisfied with taking those creative baby steps.

Frio River Scene

Another Scene of the Frio River

When I took pictures at the Frio River I tried to look beyond the beauty of the actual water. The cypress trees all along the river captured my attention with their majesty. These large graceful trees towered over me. As I walked along the edge of the river these trees reached down below me holding fast to the ground with their long curving root systems. Keeping my eyes on the trail was important if I wanted to keep from falling over these gentle giants.

In many of my photographs I decided to focus on the trees. Instead of talking pictures of the actual trees, I took pictures of the reflections of the trees in the water. I tried to get photographs at different times of day with different conditions. Here are some of my photographs of the river. Now that I have these pictures at home, I can now take some time to see what I can do with them in my sketchbook and in watercolor. When you are limited on your time and want to be creative, pull out the camera and see what interesting subjects you can come up with.

Rocks and Reflections

Rocks and Reflections

I would love to know what creative things you did this spring break. Write a comment and let me know. Take care.

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7 Responses to Being Creative During Spring Break

  1. Jericha says:

    I’ve been googling “creativity blog” looking for some nifty writers to follow and hopefully connect with on the topic of where creativity comes from and why it’s so important, and stumbled across your blog/this post. Love the line “You may think that isn’t very creative, but it is a start. It is a beginning. Sometimes we just have to be satisfied with taking those creative baby steps.” That alone is an inspiration! I wonder if you would be interested in writing a guest post about simple ways to deepen creativity in everyday life over on my (very young) blog, I would be honored to have your voice.

  2. Jericha, I would be love to write a guest post. Let me get something together for you. I teach full time so it might take me a while. Things are hectic at school, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll email you, plus I will go to your site to take a look. How long have you had your blog up and running?

  3. Jericha says:

    Terry, thank you so much! No rush at all – I’ll be honored to have you when you have the time. The blog has been around for a while, but it’s been recently relocated & I left behind many of the old posts in an attempt to streamline the content — it was a little all over the place in terms of topics, and I’d like to be focusing much more on creativity and joyfulness. (I’m happy to send you the link to the old blog if you’d like>)

    Thanks again for your willingness — you’re very kind!

  4. Lucky Narain says:

    Great website. It’s awesome to see such a great initiative to promote creativity. The reflections in spring break pics are great. What kind of camera did you use? Can’t wait to see more!

    -Lucky (

  5. I used a Nikon D50. I love that camera. Thanks, Lucky.

  6. esp says:

    Pulling out the camera when you are pressed for time is great advice, another great time when that is good advice is when your subject won’t stop moving around (I my favorite subjects are animals)

  7. My grandchildren are one of my favorites to photograph. Hard to get them still as well. 🙂 Oh! Lucky, I just realized that the photos in this article were not taken with my Nikon. I used my phone camera. I have a Motorola Atrrix 4G android. Sometimes when I don’t feel like carrying a camera I will use the one with my phone. I think it does a pretty good job.

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