Essential oils are highly concentrated oils extracted from a plant or fruit.  They are essential because the oils carry the “essence” of the plant and its distinctive scent.  For centuries people have been using essential oils for medicinal purposes. 

Most essential oils have to be diluted by a carrier oil like olive oil or diffused by a nebulizer.  When my children get a chest cold, I stir five drops of eucalyptus oil into a teaspoon of olive oil and rub the mixture on the soles of their feet and chest.  Essential oils have other uses, too.

Many believe that they can increase creativity, especially when used as aromatherapy.  You can simply breathe in the essential oil directly from the bottle.  Using a diffuser will help spread the oil through the air.  You can also heat the oil in a little water over a candle.  You can purchase an inexpensive set-up from Wal-Mart for less than $5.00.

I personally prefer the simplest option.  Open the bottle and breathe in the scent.  Close your eyes.  Breathe in deeply with both nostrils.  Think about what you want to accomplish.  What is your project?  What is your goal?  Breathe in several times.  When you are ready, open your eyes and begin.

Some people prefer to use one essential oil while others prefer a combination.  Aroma Stress Buster produced a chart that describes the purpose of the most common essential oils.  Find an oil that is suited for your needs. 

If I am stressed, cinnamon (cassia) is a good oil to smell.  It is invigorating.  Lavender oil is very calming.  Sometimes I find it essential for my hyper son to take a moment to breathe in lavender.  I usually take a few sniffs too.  Rosemary essential oil boosts creativity according to the chart. 

This simple aromatherapy technique can make you feel better, allow you to focus, and boost your creativity.  You might get really creative and mix the perfect blend of essential oils.  If you do, please share your favorite oil blend or your favorite single oil with us.

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  1. My favorite way to enjoy essential oils is to put a little in my hands, breathe in deeply a few times and then massage the oil into my hands and shoulders. Instant stress relief.
    .-= Val@Holistic MindBody Healing´s last blog ..Aug 28, Beating Depression =-.

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