An Online Art Show

Today you have a chance to view the results of an online art show. The show is sponsored through Art For Homeschool. You may have seen the links to the blog on a widget or in the information about me. On Art For Homeschool I started an online art show for homeschool students.  I did this to give homeschool students a place to showcase their work as well as a way to encourage and inspire budding artists. The first art show has been judged and the results are in. I am very proud of the artwork, the students and the parents too.  Today I want to share the results with you.

So here is the article that was posted last Thursday. I want all of you to see the work and maybe take a moment to make a comment to the students. I know how much that can mean to a child.

The Art Results Are In!

Mrs. Parker judged the first Art For Homeschool Art Show. She is an artist and art teacher from Brenham with many years of experience teaching art classes for children.  Mrs. Parker allowed me to take notes as she judged.  I will send each participant an email with her comments.

The theme of the show was “My Favorite Things.”  We got quite a range of entries and subject matter.

Overall, Mrs. Parker was impressed by the artwork.  She felt the students and parents that entered the show were very brave to put their work on the internet for the world to see. She could see the time and effort all had put in their work.  She asked me to tell all the artists that everyone has their own opinion. What one person likes will not appeal to someone else. Some people will like your art and others will not. Plus, she said not everyone will agree with the way she judged the show. So, don’t give up. Keep trying and keep entering shows.

To read the rest of the post and see the artwork, click here.

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