A Simple Way to Use Technology While Creating

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I have had my Ipad for a little over a year. I thoroughly enjoy it. My Ipad has become my most used technological tool. Not only do I use it to check my email, to surf the web, write blog articles, and take photographs; I also use it when I want to get creative on the go or when I want to do something as simple as drawing while visiting with friends or family.  Since my husband and I have been traveling a lot lately, my Ipad has been getting a pretty good workout in the evenings.

First of  all, this article is not to promote Apple and the Ipad. That is not my purpose. Any tablet or laptop can be used as well.  This is so simple, I feel silly writing about it.

I like to draw. Drawing is a stress reliever for me. It gives my mind a chance to unwind, to rest, to revitalize. I like to draw while watching television. I actually do more listening than watching. I guess I feel like I am accomplishing something other than being a couch potato. I like to be social and hang out with my husband and family.  The Ipad is very portable and can be taken any where.

A lot of the time I draw from photographs. I have a leather bound sketchbook that I draw in with micron pens. Instead of printing out photographs, I use my Ipad as the storage vehicle for the photographs I want to view as I draw. If a photograph is not on my Ipad, I just simple email the picture from my desktop, laptop, or phone so it will be there on my Ipad when I want it.

A convenience of a tablet such as the Ipad is that you can crop the photograph just by enlarging it with a pull of two fingers across the screen. If I need to see something I want to draw up close, I just make it bigger. Once I am done looking at the details, I make it smaller again with a pinch.

Drawing Set Up

Drawing Set Up

The screen size of the Ipad is quite convenient when you are drawing also. My sketchbook is a leather bound book. I like to open my sketchbook and place the Ipad with the photo on the left. The Ipad weighs down the sketchbook so it doesn’t try to close. I draw on the page on the right. If you are left handed you could do the opposite.

Lately I have been drawing with my pens directly on the paper. So there can be no erasures. As I draw I know that I really need to be sure how and where I move the pen in order to get a good drawing.  At first I really felt pressure worrying about making mistakes. But doing this type of drawing has increased my confidence in my drawing ability. It has also sharpened my skill of observation.

I have noticed that I perceive and dissect the object I am drawing by noticing layers such as what is in front of or behind something else. I have also learned how to make so called mistakes into interesting parts of my drawings. I would have never been able to do that a few years ago.

I really enjoy this simple way to use technology while creating. I can imagine there are many of you out there that do this same exact thing. Let me know how it goes for you.

I am including photographs so you can visualize what I am talking about. I find that doing these small pieces of artwork keep me in tune with my creativity and help inspire me to do larger things.

Take care and happy drawing!

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