A Mental Art Exercise – Staying Cool

Feeling frazzled by the heat?

Feeling frazzled by the heat?

Portland, Oregon is having a heat wave.  What a surprise for me. I just moved here.  I thought Portland was always cool. Today the temperature is predicted to reach 107 degrees by 5:00 pm.  107 degrees is high for any area. 107 degrees is high even for a native Texan like me.

In Oregon most people do not have air conditioning. We don’t have air conditioning. So, we will try to keep cool the best way we can.

This heat wave reminds me of a time many years ago when I lived in Texas without air conditioning. Sometimes I couldn’t function. It seemed like all I could do was sweat.

I got very tired of the heat and decided I would try to cool myself with a mental art exercise. Sound a little weird?

This is what I did. I got all my art supplies ready, opened the windows wide and turned on the fans. Then I sat down, closed my eyes and visualized snow.

I made up a scene in my mind. I saw an old barn, trees in the distance, a curving pathway or road going past the barn and out into the background. Trees cast shadows across the white snow in shades of blues and purples. There was a brilliant red cardinal sitting on a branch of a tree in the foreground.

Wow! Just writing this is making me feel cooler.

Anyway, I kept visualizing the snow. I drew the vision on watercolor paper and painted. Even though I had never really been in much snow in my life I painted a snow scene. I felt refreshed mentally.

This could be an exercise that some of you might want to try. So, if you are in a heat wave, paint snow. If you are in a blizzard, paint sun, sand and surf.  Whatever your circumstance, let your imagination do its thing. You will be amazed at the results. Stay cool!

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