A Creative Elephant

When I traveled to Thailand I had the pleasure of going to an elephant camp outside of Chiang Mai.  We were able to pet the elephants and give them treats.  The elephants also performed in a variety of ways.  After the show we got to go on an hour long elephant ride through the countryside. 

Since I had never been around elephants it was very exciting for me.  I enjoyed the experience immensely.

What surprised me the most was the elephant that did a drawing. I had heard about elephants doing this but never really believed it.  So, during the show, I filmed this elephant drawing an elephant with a paintbrush and black paint or ink.

I could not see the elephant handler. The handler was hidden from my view. So, I  do not know what cues were being given to the animal.  I do know that the handler gave the elephant fresh paint on his brush as needed.  Whatever cues were given, watching the elephant is fascinating.

I hope you enjoy.

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