22 Ways to Get the Most Out of an Art Workshop

1. Don’t take notes verbatim. Just take down the main points.
2. Watch and listen intently.
3. Email the workshop coordinator or teacher for a supply list, advance reading list, etc.
4. Dress in layers so you can be comfortable.
5. Bring drinking water and snacks.  Pack a lunch for most days.
6. Introduce yourself to the teacher and participants.
7. Ask the teacher to join you for lunch or dinner on one workshop day. (Include other participants).
8. Ask questions at the appropriate time. Listen to questions and answers of other participants. They might be asking exactly what you want to know.
9. On the first day of the workshop, arrive 30 minutes early to work out details like parking, hauling art supplies, getting set up at your work space, etc.
10. Bring one or two small pieces of your work with you in case the teacher offers critique time.
11. Turn off your cell phone or turn it to vibrate.
12. Listen during the demonstration. Do not carry on a conversation with someone else while the demo is going on.
13. Make friends with the people around you. You are bound to connect with someone. I met some of my best friends at workshops. 14. Write down any unanswered questions at the end of the day.
15. Keep your work space neat and clean.
16. Help clean up at the end of the day and especially at the end of the workshop.
17. When given breaks, be sure to return promptly at the specified time.
18. Write a thank you note or email to the teacher. Keep in touch.
19. Get email addresses, addresses, or phone numbers of participants you want to keep in touch with.
20. Bring your camera to take pictures. Be sure to ask permission first before taking any photographs. Take a few photos of the teacher during a demo. Get someone to take a picture of you while you are painting at the workshop. Also, get a picture of you with the teacher.
21. Be congenial. Smile.
22. Pray for a great learning experience.

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