What is My Creativity Blog?

My Creativity Blog is dedicated to covering the subjects of creativity, art, the artistic process and art education. I hope to share inspiration and encouragement to anyone that has an interest in becoming more creative. I also plan to share experiences that really excite and motivate the artist in me.

Who is Terry Holliday Giltner?

The content of My Creativity Blog is produced by Terry Holliday Giltner, artist, former art teacher, and current real estate broker. Some of you know her as Terry Holliday. Some of you know her as Terry Giltner. She will answer to either name.

Terry was born loving horses. She brakes for butterflies and turtles and as a little girl constantly annoyed her mother by bringing home stray animals. She desires a life of travel, but gets homesick and needs a nest to retreat to. Terry loves to be by herself, but equally loves being with her family.

She is a sucker for a man in a cowboy hat, especially her grandsons. She likes to read non-fiction or historical novels and tends to become obsessed about learning new things.Terry would love to be that really healthy in shape person but caves in to her chocolate cravings on a daily basis. She has a secret wish to…….oh, it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you!

Other creative ventures Terry is involved with are producing art, creating art lessons on videos for children, writing for Art For Homeschool.¬†Terry’s beautiful art work can be seen and purchased at Fine Art America.

Terry’s other interests are gardening, web design, jewelry making, genealogy, yoga, and sailing.

Who else is writing for My Creativity Blog?

Lara DeHaven

Lara DeHaven has occasionally written additional articles for the blog. Lara is a Spanish teacher, with an English major from Texas A& M University. Lara is currently home-schooling her children of 5. Lara lives on a cattle ranch in Texas.

Lara spends much of her time driving her children to extra activities such as music lessons, dance, riding lessons and 4-H. With 5 children and all the activities and jobs to do, Lara has become very creative. She will be sharing her experiences and ways to get by in this time of economic strain, as well as sharing about homeschooling, parenting and whatever comes to mind.

Lara is also very active in her Church and is devoted to doing mission work which has taken her to Uganda, Honduras, and Albania.

On occasion Terry will invite guest writers to share their expertise on My Creativity Blog. I hope you enjoy the site and the numerous articles about creativity!